These are Pippa’s puppies! These cute puppies have just been adopted into their forever homes. Read on to learn how to get ready to adopt a puppy.

Your Guide to Dog Adoption

Here are some ideas to help make a happy transition for your new fur family member.

  1. Dog proof your home.
    • Fences: Are they secure and puppy proof?
    • Dangers: Check your house for poisons, medications, and poisonous plants.
  2. Get your puppy supplies ready.
    • Food: Start with what he has been used to, then chat with your vet about what is his best diet. Make any diet changes slowly and gradually mix the new diet with the old over a week to avoid an upset tummy.
    • Bedding, dishes, lead and collar.
  3. Get his history from his breeder/shelter.
    • What is his medical history? What is he used to being fed? Have you arranged to have his microchip details changed to your name?
  4. What are family expectations and rules?
    • Discuss with your family how the dog will be cared for and trained so everyone agrees on the “house rules”.
  5. Plan the right time to get the puppy.
    • Make sure you have time to spend with your puppy when he first arrives so you can get to know each other e.g. Friday so you have all weekend, or the start of holidays.
  6.  First Night.
    • First night away form litter mates can be very traumatic for your new puppy. Sometimes a soft toy to cuddle up to in his bed, a ticking clock, the radio being on and a warm room can make him feel more at home.
    • Ask your vet about ‘Adaptil’, a comforting pheromone spray.
  7. Vet check.
    • Get your vet to do a check up within the first week. This is the time to discuss a long term plan to keep your puppy healthy, including his diet, vaccination programmes, flea and worm treatments, and heartworm preventions if required. Ask any questions that you might have, including pet insurance.

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