Vaccinating your pet is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they lead a healthy life.

Here are our top reasons for vaccinating your pet:

  • Vaccinations protect against preventable diseases
  • Vaccinations are substantially less expensive than the cost of vet treatment for the diseases they protect against
  • Vaccinations protect your pet from transmissible diseases in boarding facilities, at parks and even when they visit the vet. If your pet has to be hospitalised for any illness, their immune system may already be compromised so you want to make sure they are protected.

Your pet’s health, lifestyle and exactly where in the Maldon area you live may affect which vaccinations are necessary, so we will work with you to develop a simple and effective vaccination program for your pet.

Here at Maldon Vet Clinic we follow the World Small Animal Association (WSAVA) guidelines for vaccinating pets, based on rigorous scientific evidence. Call Maldon Vet Clinic today to discuss with the best individual vaccination program for your pet.


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