Did you know that over 70% of DOGS and CATS over three years of age have dental disease?

Smelly breath in dogs and cats usually means dental disease.

Brown discoloured teeth (tartar) and red gums (gingivitis) are signals of an unhealthy mouth that is probably painful.

Animals have evolved to hide their pain, and will put up with dental pain rather than show their caring owners just how miserable their mouth is. They might be grumpy, not as active, or fussy with their food because of their painful teeth, or show nothing at all.

Healthy teeth are vital to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Diseased teeth and gums release bacteria into the bloodstream and can lead to heart and kidney disease, ultimately shortening your pets’s life.

It is recommended that your pet gets an annual dental check by the vet. Your vet will check for gum and tooth disease, and advise what healthy teeth program is best for your pet to ensure ongoing dental health.

If your pet has tartar build up, your vet might suggest an ultrasound scale and polish to clean their teeth.

This requires general anaesthesia since dogs and cats will not “open wide” for a full dental examination and removal of tartar from sensitive deep pockets in the gums.

It may be necessary to remove sore, rotten teeth, which is done under anaesthesia so they won’t feel pain (we use lots of pain relief afterwards too).

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